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Monday, August 13, 2012

self portrait + ageing

(self portrait at 43 and a half)
I'm ageing. When I was younger (in my twenties) I never gave it much thought. Oh! it was somewhere out there...far away. But now that I have a little one + I'm 43 (and half!!)...I think about it quite a bit. I came up with a list (maybe you can come up with your own?) so here goes.
5 things I love about ageing:
1. I am more sure of mySELF. I feel comfortable with who I am and there's no trying to be something I am not. (so freeing!! Love love love this about ageing for me)
2. focus more on my health now. I eat better and make smarter choices re. diet + exercise.
3. my priorities are in order.
4. I don't take my time for granted. all these days + months + years are a gift.
5. I don't take crap anymore. I am so much better at establishing boundaries.
Okay...5 things I hate about getting older!!
1. all the creaks and aches and pains. They are there...lurking around.
2. I am tired!! What happened to all the energy I used to have??
3. slowing metabolism. Ugh!!
4. gray hair. I decided that in the next few years I am going to stop coloring it.
5. my body is changing. I'll spare you the details can just take my word for it:)
That being said...ageing is a perilous and fascinating journey. The thing I fear the most?? (as I suspect we all do) is loss of health + being dependant. But for now.. the focus is on spirit, health, friendship, love, laughter, doing my work, being in the moment, health, simplicity.
                                                         (Tara's self portrait...isn't it cute??)


laurie said...

i think you have done a great job highlighting the ups and downs of aging in this post. i am five years ahead of you but agree with all your insights on the subject. :-)

ArtPropelled said...

Soraya, you hide your age extremely well. I do know the feeling however. When i look at myself in the mirror in the morning I see my mother. A good thing on one hand except that I'm reminded of my mother during her last years. The energy thing really gets me too. I have the flu at the moment so I've been thinking about health and aging. A good thing about aging is if someone is abrasive or obnoxious and is not comfortable to be around I just pull back quietly without worrying about what people think of me.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I turn 42 in December, so I completely understand! I could have shouted, "Yes, me too" after each of those. ;) I do love that I have little ones (my youngest is Tara's age)at this age with all the "wisdom" the 40s bring. It makes me a better, more aware Mama. Me a Mama in my thank you!! I am off to go drink some coffee so I have enough energy for the day. Lol! xxoo

SooZeQue said...

I have a feeling you will be beautiful at any age. It speeds up that's for sure. My mom used to tell me how fast time goes when you're older... it's true. Relish every minute - soak up every ache & pain. It's better than the alternative. P.S.... Ageing has no e. :)

patty said...

Soraya, I read this yesterday and have been pondering.... coming from a viewpoint of being significantly older than you... I think you are on the right track! I'm not sure I had that perspective at your age. The good and the bad - absolutely both true.
I have been so fortunate to have (in spite of a few scares!)such great health. I have never had an energy issue (maybe because I have no kids!) Although everything is sagging and nothing recovers quickly like it used to, I feel just as fantastic now as I have at any age. So that should give you hope for the future!
As always, interesting topic. You are looking beautiful btw and Tara is getting so BIG!! XOX