My He(ART)-Full Life

Friday, July 6, 2012

hello happy!!!!

* receiving gorgeous art in the mail (who wouldn't love that!!). This beauty is from sweet darling Jane to welcome summer. It's sitting in my studio greeting me every morning.
* bare feet in grass, black mud on hands, sun shining on face. Hello Summer!!!
* reading. I would be utterly lost without my books. They are always there for me...comfort me, teach me, extend wisdom and grace...and make me laugh:) My definition of friend!
* Tim and I sitting outside after Tara has gone to sleep...holding hands and talking. Maybe some wine too:)
* catching up on juicy art mags at the bookstore. Ended up buying 2 of them and have been devouring them up ever since.
* Summer clothes. Yay!!!!
* ice drinks

*painting...creating...mixing juicy colors + trusting the process, embracing the mystery
* Listening to Bob Marley...always good stuff!!!
*cleaning up my studio and discovering all sorts of goodies I had completely forgot about. Hello happy!!!

*self portraits. There were so many years of my life (especially in my teens) where I have absolutely no pictures, no record of mySELF. I felt so ugly inside...I hid from the camera.I think there is an acceptance and healing that comes with self portraits...a witness of who we are. Not perfection sought but self disclosure and gentleness. A testament to who we are in any given moment.
*  a few new books!!!
* morning coffee. Gotta' have it!!!
*watching Tara and Tim. I captured this precious moment with my camera the other day...and it seriously made my heart melt. I want Tara to have everything I did not have in life...and I don't take the relationship she has with her daddy for granted. So sweet these two:)
Happy weekend to you all!!!!


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

So many beautiful things fill your life Soraya! :) Beautiful self portrait and that last picture is truly priceless. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

jane said...

Beautiful post, Soraya! Love your thoughts, and appreciate you sharing my bits of art...xx Jane

SooZeQue said...

Glad you're doing everything that makes you happy. Always fun to unpack all the treasure you forgot about. Love the pic of Tara & Tim. xxxooo