My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

loving right now

* this quote that I came across in the current Where Women Create mag...I simply adore it!!! I instantly wrote it down in my gives me some perspective when I get frustrated with where my work is/where it's going right now.
* photography...I have been taking a ton of all lights + angles. Pics of Tara, trees, rocks, feet, self portraits, moods, art stuff...everything.
* the mountains...I love being able to see the mountains from my windows and no matter where I go during the day...they are large + looming...serenely beautiful + grounding.
*Working in my altered book/journal. I use clothes pegs to separate the pages while the gesso dries.
*Spring!!! It's in the air...crisp + new. I love seeing flowers spring to life, hearing birds everywhere and of course....losing all the winter layers.
* blogging. Just a few short weeks ago I was going through a major blog burnout but after taking a week or so off...I am just bursting with ideas and things I want to share!!
* rocks. Tara started collecting them a while back...she loves looking at them in great detail, holding them up to the light. Now...we collect them together on our walks. I just love these ones right here all piled up like solemn sculptures.
*gardening. even though it's too early to plant...still crushing out on all things garden!
* watching Tara run around in bare feet on the grass.
* luscious jars of paint. Swoon:)
*listening to the trees whisper + sing. That comes straight from Tara...she loves holding onto tree trunks (we have quite a few in our backyard) and putting her head right in the branches + leaves...she says she's listening to the trees:) LOVE!!
* the shortbread at Panera Bread. OMG!!! Those things are devious!!


SooZeQue said...

All Glorious - your photo's are taking on a new life. Lovely... I love that quote.

Kelly said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful things.

patty said...

oh, what a wonderful quote! I ran across a quote that I wanted to share with you after reading your last post, but alas, I have not got around to it. I have company this week and things get a little behind.... Anyway, hope you are having a fabulous time out there and thanks for sharing these lovely snippets of your life.