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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

high desert Ca.

                                                        (somewhere in California)
I can't believe how my little baby is all grown + sassy and just bursting with life. I have always been a gypsy...have loved travelling all of my life but these past few years after Tara was born...I have been in total nesting mode. We love our routine, familiarity and ...just being home. But now that Tara is a little older...I love travelling with her!! Showing her so many new places and get to experience everything through her eyes. We had such a blast at this little water park a few days ago. She absolutely loves seeing new sights and putting together what we have read with the places she visits.

                                                      (Joshua Tree National Park, Ca.)
I have to admit that when we arrived here in high desert California a few days ago...I was a little...uh! overwhelmed. I love greenery + mountains + lush flowers and the terrain here is just the opposite.. But there is an elemental beauty here...all stripped down. The trees look like sad and sombre sculptures...very elegant + sparse reaching their limbs up to the sky. There are hundreds of species of plants that grow here too...not like the Thar Desert (in India) where there was just sand. Over here there are all sorts of cacti (purple pink and orange), brilliant fuchsia desert flowers and yellow wildflowers. And at night....a carpet of stars cover the inky blue skies. And it is all through the day.'s not a place I would want to live...but it's definitely something to experience.

                                                  (Mothers Day, Palm Springs Ca.)
And the best news of all??? My family is back together and we are heading off on our road trip!!! Next we are on to Disney so Tara can get her Minnie fix. We tried to plan our trip to include all of our loves + interests so....lots of fun kids stuff, art, national parks, water, hiking, coffeehouses, summer music, r&r.


Rita Banerji said...

Beautiful family portraits! Looks like you are having a whale of a time :)

jane said...

Your trip sounds so amazing...we love many of the same, coffeehouses, hiking, art...(oh, did I already mention that one?!) xx Jane