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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

real life vs blog life

Dear friends...I have missed blogging. I have missed being here. And I have missed you. But I was so on the edge of serious burnout...I really have needed this past week to rest.'s so easy when we read only see the productive, inspired side of life. I know I tend to do that too...I see a blog of really amazing rooms + homes + lives. I see people in cute outfits and fresh flowers on the table.  And, inevitably, I start to compare it to mine with all the boxes in a corner, my paint stained pants and my studio a raving mess!!! Even though I know better...I think it's just human nature.

Of course "real" life + "blog" life interconnect in so many important ways but...the truth days are filled with a lot of routine + storytelling, Play-doh making and potty training. Amidst all of the blah...there is pure magic in these moments. I can switch from reading Audre Lorde to Dr. Seuss in 2 seconds flat!!
This past week I have been reading (I have a huge pile of books I want to get through this summer). The book I am immersing myself in right now is a book of poetry "Hard Times Require Furious Dancing" by the brilliant + soul(FULL) Alice Walker. It is an amazing book; some of the words are bitter...some are salty with tears. Some fly on the wings of hope and take us with them. I love it!!

I have also been gardening with Tara. I really want her to develop a relationship with nature + the land. And I'm  pretty lucky because she loves puttering around the backyard...digging + picking rocks... feeding the birds. We are planning out a veggie + fruit garden that we are  super excited about. I'm thinking...blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, lettuce and beans to start with. Also a small herb garden..thyme, oregano, basil. Just going to experiment this year and see what will thrive over here; Co. has a unique and challenging climate. That's all for now...but I have some pretty amazing news to share with you soon!!! xxx


SooZeQue said...

I'd have to say that all the things that you are doing are the MOST important things in life. Those are what you will remember and carry - not the blogging. We all compare our lives to what we see we just don't know if it's really real.... So I say be real. PS... I'm gained one more granddaughter last night... yeah!!

Kelly said...

Haha! I'm pretty sure that's not my blog you're talking about. I've come to accept that I don't have much time for any of that. I love that you're gardening!!! I missed you too. :)

ArtPropelled said...

.... and I have missed you too, Soraya. We all know it's good to take a break from blogging every now & then. I love the thought of the two of you pottering in the garden. Looking forward to your news!