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Thursday, March 1, 2012

settling in(to mySELF)

(on my inspiration board)

This is one of those times when I have so much to much to share...but I don't quite know how to go about it. As I am settling into our new home...I find that I am also settling into mySELF. Isn't it strange how there are metaphors and parallels in our life all over the place...when we are open to them? I haven't talked too much about our new home up to now ...I think because I was just too overwhelmed to focus on the good stuff...all I saw was all the unpacking and work that needed to be done. But it is gorgeous and huge and light filled. And now that I am setting things up...I want there to be lots and lots of, comfort + ease...creativity and + laughter...color + light. I want simplicity. It's the same for me on a personal level..I find that I want all of these things to manifest in my relationships as well.
On my to do list:
*make art
*be true
*listen to my heart + intuition
*dance (often!)
*give my soul a voice
*try again
*be. here. now.
*be open
*hug trees
*write. truth. now.
*kindness matters

(setting up my studio painting table)

Oh! This is my studio table...I have been setting things up and it just makes my heart sing to see all of my paints and brushes + pencils...again!!! Hopefully i will have things all done by next week and can start making art!! Hope you all have a happy happy weekend and thanks o much for all of your well wishes regarding my last post. xxx


Kelly said...

That's an excellent list. I might borrow it, if that's okay with you. :)

ArtPropelled said...

Now I become myself ..... perfect words for my day.Thank you Soraya. Glad you are settling in to your home and enjoying seeing all your art thing again. I sense anticipation for the weeks ahead.

SooZeQue said...

Ohh are those alcohol inks I spy? I just bought some to play with on my steel, but haven't yet. It will be good for you to get back in the studio more than into another box to put away - you've done a lot that in the last few years.