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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

right now...

(writing in my journal today)
A peek at what's been going on around here these days.
* trying to catch up on e-mails, blogs  + things after being down with the flu for all of Feb.!!
* I so want to take the class Re-Writing Your Story with Vivienne McMaster . Just don't know if I have the time right now.
* am setting up my office...I decided on a (mostly) monochromatic color scheme. Using this luscious pic as my inspiration. Am totally loving all the grays from deep, smoky charcoals to  ash grays. I can't r-open up my Etsy shop until my office is done...printer, scanner etc all are not set up yet!!! Yikes!!!
* spending tons of quality time with my girl who is, quite simply, adorable. I am enjoying her and not stressing about all the little things.
* have been reading + writing a lot...
* discovered pixelr-o-matic last week and am in love!!!
* need a blog make-over!! Trying to figure out the direction I want my blog to go in (more on this soon!)
* am counting my lucky stars that I have the amazing husband I do.
* my studio is almost all set up (pics coming soon) and...hopefully I can start painting.

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Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

I too
Am so behind with blogs, emails & my ecourse. I have so much to write about at my blog and no time to do it right now. Can't wait to see what direction you take your blog design. I play around with mine all the time. It's my one creative release at the moment. I've been Working on collecting all of my blog entries from as many of my old blogs as I can find & storing them at my current blog. I've gathered about 10 years worth of posts so far but
soooo much is lost :(.