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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

digging deep

I was just reading the current Somerset Life issue and stumbled upon an article that touched me so deeply.
It was written by Christina Martin of Soul must visit her blog; it is chock full of delicious images + uplifting words. It was this right here from her article that reached out to me "There are no words to describe the strength it takes to rescue the most authentic parts of ourselves." Isn't that so true? Well...that what it feels like I am doing right now...digging deep deep deep to rescue the lost parts of mySELF. My words + ideas + images. After reading her article I just wrote down all the things I want to matter how unlikely or improbable (spend a week in Italy!!!) and even some mundane, completely doable ones (take a half hour every day to just be). It felt so good to just write down all these goals and wishes I had, some of which I had completely forgotten about!! Journaling has such magic to unleash hidden-deep desires, don't you think?
In other news...I am so far behind well, everything!! I had been painting up a storm but then a few days ago I got a migraine that lasted 2 whole days!!! It went away finally, thank goodness but it forced everything to a halt!! It is really difficult to find some sort of balance between motherhood and daily life + painting . I think it's simply matter of taking one day at a time:) Hope you are all doing well ...wherever you are. xxx


Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you are better and can create...♥ Lovely blog ~ I'm now following ~ ♥♥

ArtPropelled said...

I'm also slipping way behind Soraya but at least you are painting. A 2 day migraine sounds very stressful. Hope you are feeling better xxx

jane said...

I love that quote about finding one's authentic self, Soraya, I'm always in that struggle, it seems...and yes, finding balance with mothering and art and responsibilities is practically impossible! (I don't think there's balance when you're an artist!) Just enjoy it all! xo jane

Kelly said...

Really, it's one second at a time. :) Glad you are feeling better. Off to check out that blog! (p.s. I'm deep in that place right now too, and thinking about trying to only focus on self discovery. I have to get over the fact that it feels like I'm being selfish.)

deborah said...

I just found your blog yesterday and am following! Time for oneself is so important--and so wonderful :-)

christina said...

hi Soraya!
i was so happy to read this post. i'm so happy you liked the article. and more happy that i found your beautiful place here. when i wrote that article, i hoped my feelings would reach the hearts of others.
you made me smile today. ; )