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Friday, January 20, 2012

exploring, taking a breather + a super simple DIY project

Tara and I took most of the day off yesterday...exploring a bit and driving around. We hung out at the park for well over an hour (the weather has been gorgeous...almost like spring!!)...and she just loves riding her princess bike she got for Xmas. Of course I still did a little bit of stuff around the house...I guess the trick is balance, right?? So...I wanted to share a super simple DIY project with you all...
I am all about infusing creativity into Tara's everyday life. This is a little corner in her room that I turned into a dress up area. All I did was put up a mirror (this one from Ikea is childproof, colorful, whimsical ...and super cheap) and a crate underneath filled with dress up clothes (tutus, handbags, old Halloween costumes etc)...and it's all done!! She just loves it! Now...I have seen some amazing and pretty elaborate ones online...but I decided to stick with this super simple one for right now. Dressing up is a fantastic way to fuel creativity + imagination in a child, fostering self esteem and possibility.'s just plain fun!! Oh!! and dressing up isn't only for girls...just take a look at this amazing corner right here!!
Have a great weekend friends...I will be trying to balance rest + work!!


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Hi Soraya! I bet Tara loves it. My daughter is 6 and still loves to dress up. :) Oh...and that boy corner. I am in total love. So perfect for my little guy. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

mansuetude said...

Love the exploring part, and great photo of Tara. She will grow so fast.