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Thursday, November 10, 2011

in honor and rememberance

Before I met Tim, I never really thought about the men and women who fight to serve and protect us; our basic rights and freedoms. I had never known anyone who was in the military and , being Canadian, I had the luxury of living in a very safe and equitable country. Sure...we occasionally complained about the cold weather and the shenanigans of the gov't and...but...I took all of my freedoms for granted. And then 9/11 happened.  In a moment the world shrank...became very dangerous and nonsensical. But still...we were Canadians and somewhat removed from it. Of course I was aware of multiple wars and world events but ...I was largely untouched; I had the luxury of idealism. Then...years later, I met Tim.
(Tim and I visiting his father's grave-Arlington National Cemetery)
Shortly after we married Tim deployed to a war zone...and my heart went with him. All of a sudden...I was thrown into this whole other world. Should I watch the news or should I not? I became slightly frantic. Ideologically, I did not support the war but...I supported my husband. A contradiction I know but I strongly believed in both. It was a difficult time ...I just wanted my husband to come home safely.  As a career Marine he has seen and experienced things I can never know.  Yes, he has his arms and legs but...the scars of war are there...deep and mostly hidden. He is my husband and...I know. Tim, like all these men and women who give up so much of themSELVES, is a hero...although he would be the last one to acknowledge  it. I could list all of the qualities that I fell in love with can't adequately describe his character and heart.
This post is in honor of my husband...and all those who serve. Let us remember...those who come home and those who don't.
** I am well aware that my last post was about Zen and this one is about soldiers and war. But this is my life...this is my family and we try to balance out our differences as best we can and learn from each other...always keeping sight of what is truly important.


Kay said...

wonderful photos. Tim looks so handsome in his dress blues. Every time I see the Iwo Jima statue I think of my Dad who was a Marine on Iwo in WWII. Yes he was there when all the fighting went on, he was in the thick of it. He rarely talked about the horrors he experienced in the South Pacific. He died in 2006 at the age of 83. I always remember his Marine dress blues that hung in my closet as I grew up. I honor him and all soldiers and hate war too.

Janet said...

Thank you to your husband for serving. I hope he is always safe.

PS - He's very handsome in his uniform.

jane said...

You and Tim are so fortunate to have each other's love and sensitivity. Your little family makes the world a better place. xo

patty said...

Soraya, life is complicated and messy and full of paradox and that's what makes it interesting. You have learned to balance out the various parts and have stated it so eloquently. Kudos to Tim for his bravery and service and to you for "getting it"!!

Kelly said...

Thank you to Tim for his service (and you for your Zen)!! XO

flyingbeader said...

A belated thank you to Tim. And I do have to admit that he does look very handsome in his dress uniform.

ArtPropelled said...

Oh Soraya, what a beautifully written post. I enjoy reading about all the different facets of your life. They are what make you special.