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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

back to routines

(seen at a Starbucks)
When I was in my twenties I was a gypsy!! Just the very thought of domesticity was enough to make me queasy and break out in hives. But if you mentioned  joining the Hare Krishnas, living in a Himalayan caravan or getting lost in a remote Nepali village...I was all for it!!  I wasn't that sensible, got-it-all-together kinda' girl  I was more that quirky, dancing-on-the-tables kinda' girl. ...I'm sure you get the picture! 

Boy!! how things have changed!! my forties and being a mom...I crave domesticity!! Even a short trip like the one we just took...throws things out of whack! Tara gets off her routine and it's difficult on her. I love being back home and having my own read, have a cup of tea and curl up with a good book, go into my studio and piddle around...I love getting back to our routines and rituals. I think it may just be part of growing and evolving as a person. And maybe 20 years from now...I will want to go off and live in a Buddhist monastery somewhere. Who can know these things? I know some people who are the reverse of me. They get married and start a family really early in life and then...later on, they may crave being barefoot and fancy free (uh...otherwise known as a midlife crisis). How about you?? What do you think? Tell me about it.
**thank you so much for all of your wonderfully kind comments regarding my last post. You are  so sweet:)


laurie said...

i started off life as a gypsy, moving many times as a child, and have continued to be so. i imagine settling down some day, putting down some roots. i do love my home, whether it is a house, an apartment, a cabin, a tent, a condo or a hotel room. life is always surprising us, like you've so eloquently said, so who knows what is next for me.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hello! I was so behind your blog and not sure why I have not seen your posts pop up on my blog roll. Oh so good to be caught up. I am so happy for you that you will be having an article published!! I hope to read it when it is all ready. Your sweet girl looks so pretty in her dress for Halloween! And I love your pictures...such a good eye.

I used to love traveling but now that I have kids, I find comfort in home. But we still like to travel a lot!

patty said...

Soraya, you know I have always been a gypsy at heart! In my 20's I traipsed around Europe by myself and then moved clear across the country sight-unseen to CA. (My parents could hardly believe they had raised such a child!) 10 years ago, when we traveled the country for a year, I actually thrived on waking up in different places all the time. Maybe that got something out of my system.... these days I am pretty content to be a home-body most of the time, although I still need my nature fixes.... regularly!!

Kerri said...

i know what you mean- altho, i'm not even a mom but i still crave that routine stuff too! maybe it's an age factor as well. i just LOVE home. there's no place like it. dorothy was right!

Janet said...

I had a very stable childhood. I had my "wild and crazy" years in my 30's and a bit into my 40's but then I settled down and now It's difficult to get me to stray very far from home. Home is where the heART is!