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Saturday, October 15, 2011

loving...and not so much

loving right now:
*This book right here...Apples for Jam! Not your usual cookbook, it is chock full of scrumptious recipes ( chicken cutlets with parsley and capers, winter squash pizza...penne with shrimp, cream and tomato ) but also has personal stories and photos. Yumminess! There are delicious poetic phrases sprinkled this one
"walking barefoot through fields,
knowing to zigzag if you see a snake.
The medicine chest is full-I have covered
mosquito bites and bee stings"
* this post right here called 6 So-Called Rules for the Creative Badass. Must read and totally agree!
* weekends
*Oprah's Lifeclass. Go over here to join!
* Jen Lemens recent posts but especially this one right here and here
* tea (pomegranate + Bombay chai)
* these books here, here and here  that I just bought for Tara...the artwork alone is amazing! And this poetry book  here is full of delicious sounds...great for reading aloud. 
*and speaking of children's books, I just discovered Barefoot Books  and they have the most amazing books ever ever!!
and just to balance things out...I can sooooo do without:
*spending the day dealing with  auto mechanics. Ugh!!!! and double ugh!!
* sweltering heat. It's been about 500 degrees over here these past few days. Where did Fall go to??? This is bikini weather!
*early morning under eye puffiness. please go away!
* computer generated telephone solicitors. Enough already.
* driving the interstates in So. Cal. Sheer madness...on a good day! I'm not kidding either!
*migraines! Before I had Tara I almost never had headaches but since I gave birth, I sometimes get these horrible migraines that can last forever. From everything I have read up about them, the recommendation is to lie down in a quiet, dark room until it subsides. Uhh...with a toddler????Quiet???


ArtPropelled said...

My daughter has Apples for Jam and loves it. I have browsed and enjoyed it too but havn't tried the recipes yet. Please have your neck checked out by a good chiropractor....It took me years of bad headaches before I discovered it was to do with my neck being slightly out. They were the worst headaches I've ever experienced.

Kelly said...

Thanks for all of the fun links. I joined Oprah's life class! And I love Barefoot books. Hey, send some of that heat this way! It's freezing here. :)

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

Just a quick note about migraines, I've suffered from them since puberty & they got more frequent after the babies. Anyway, for years I did the laying in a dark room thing, also took boiling hot showers in the dark which would help some, Ben gay ultra strength rubbed on knack & forehead helped a little but ultimately I had to turn to migraine meds. Sumatriptan, also called imitrex works best for me but there are several others. You have to find what works for you. With a little one spending a day in bed in the dark isn't usually an option! Hope you find something that works for you. Soon I'm going to start visiting a chiropractor to see if it helps. I get migraines about 5 days a month and without medication I'm non functioning :(

SooZeQue said...

Oh girl I used to have those ugly migraines - no fun. Which I had a fix, but my neck too was out of wack, but when I had my Cancer and they cleaned house I don't get them anymore! Don't go to that extreme however. You're a busy gal with all your reading you should be getting commission since you promote them so well! Headed to Northern Calif for 10 glorious days. Then back to poundin' steel and painting with flame. Sold lots at this weekend show and have to start over the next one comin' up. I'm gettin' to old for this.