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Thursday, September 1, 2011

silent cries: the gendercide in India, a print giveaway and how each of us can make a difference

(It's a Girl-Documentary on the genocide against girls)
When Rita Banerji sent me a link to this clip a few weeks ago, I watched it twice and felt my heart drop. I wanted to bury mySELF with my grief and just...cry. I did cry. Sometimes I feel so hopeles. The U.N. now estimates that over 200 million (yes! 200 MILLION) girls are missing due to sex selective murder. The main culprits? India and China. I wasn't able to write this post until now because I have been alternating between being totally pissed off and utterly in despair. I have written about this issue many times on my, here and here . can I write about this very same issue, that is only getting worst, in a different way. How can I say something new about this atrocity while still driving home this point right here..girls are being slaughtered in the millions and...nothing is being done! Will anything I say or do...make a difference at all? I have no idea...but here's what I do know.
Gender based violence affects us all. If we don't speak up for these baby girls who are being slaughtered in the tens of millions...who will speak up for us when the time comes? If we don't try to do something, will there be anyone left who will? If we are to raise strong sons and daughters...then we ourSELVES have to be strong. It's not just happening over there, you see. Because, once we become aware of a situation such as this,  if we don't speak out... say something, do something, pray something, act something, fight for something...then it's all happening right our hearts and souls.
(Petals in the Dust-genocide against India's daughters)
I came across this story right here that I want to share with all of you. It's a Japanese parable that activist, Nobel prize winner and all round kick-ass amazing woman Wangari Maathai often quotes.
 "A big fire was destroying the forest. all the animals fled, except the hummingbird. It flew to the river, picked up one drop of water in it's tiny beak, flew back, and poured that drop on the fire. Again and again it returned to the river, each time scooping up a single drop and pouring it on the fire. The other animals watched from the far shore, laughing and mocking. The harder they laughed, the harder the hummingbird worked. "just what do you think you're doing?" the animals asked. Without stopping her work, she answered calmly, "I'm doing what I can." 
" That's all any of us can do: What we can." says Maathai.

(Brave, mixed media archival print)
So dear reader, please go over here to sign the petition against the genocide against girls in India and then leave a comment on my blog or my Facebook page to enter a free print giveaway (any print of your choice from my Etsy shop!). If you would like to read my interview (in 3 parts) with Ms. Banerji, you can go here, here and here.
To find out more about this genocide against India's daughters go here, here or here .
*And spread the word if you up, tweet and FB heart thanks you.
* 50 million missing website
* Rita Banerji's book 
*Rita's blog


PatH said...

It's hard to believe this is happening and that we haven't heard about it! Difficult to even think about it.

NatashaMay said...

This is just horrible. I remember being just a kid hearing stories like this from China. I thought through all these years this maddness would have stopped. I have signed the petition and will FB about it, too.

Rita Banerji said...

I think a lot of people around the world still don't know. A reporter (from Spain) came to interview me last week and said she hardly found anything on this in the websites in spanish, French or Italian. So thank you Soraya -- just putting this out is un-silencing what is really a silent and hidden genocide. Much love! Rita

Anonymous said...

Many people still don't know about this. Last week a reporter from Spain who came to interview me, told me that she hardly found anything on websites in Spanish, French and Italian. So in making these blogs Soraya and putting out all this effort on the internet you really are helping to unsilence what is a silent, invisible genocide. Thank you and many hugs! Rita

scrapwordsmom said...

This is so sad and hard to believe it happens. *sigh*.

My heart goes out to all who are affected...we all are though aren't we? Whenever a life is taken. In my church we believe that each one of us are brothers and sisters in Christ...and I believe that, too.

Thank you for making us aware that this is a reality for so many, Soraya.

Your art of these beautiful women is extraordinary.

patty said...

Soraya, thank you for your passion regarding this unbelievable practice and for bringing it up even though many would prefer not to even know.... the more awareness the better, you never know about the possible impact you may have!!

Wini said...

This is shocking and heartbreaking. THank you for highlighting this issue and for your generous giveaway. You have such a kind and caring heart! I will add a note to my current post about it. Wini xo

laurie said...

i am outraged this is not in any of the papers or news magazines i read, which tend to be full of negative, political bs! i will definitely join you in standing up to confront this atrocity and be a voice for those who can not.

Barbara said...

This is absolutely sad and crazy, I didn't year about it until I drop on your blog. I'll share this information and support this giveaway as much as I can (on my blog and other pages). It's horrible.

Lis said...

only tears ... stories i have heard but my heart cannot hold ... i am putting something up ... people just don't know and we all HAVE to know. And then speak out.

xo lis

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a horrible nightmare indeed. i have signed the petition and plan to write something as well with hopes that perhaps all the hummingbirds can put out the fire.

Lisa said...

I ...well, I don't even know what to say. My throat is tight - as though I want to cry, but even that is not enough.

I've signed the petition, shared on Facebook, and will continue to learn and expand my awareness of this. Drop by drop, we WILL put out this devastating fire.

Thank you, Soraya, thank you.

Milena said...

I found your post through the lovely Lis at Dandelion Seeds. I have cried tears and thank you so much for bringing this horrific situation to my attention. Of course I have signed the petition and mentioned it on facebook also.
Blessings, Milena

ArtPropelled said...

I have been sitting here typing a comment and deleting it, then typing again and deleting it. I feel stunned. It is so horrific! Though you have shared these facts before this latest video really shakes one to the core.