My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pieces of the journey

(painting over)
*there are times when we have to remake ourSELVES...paint over those old parts, demolish or rethink who we are. Sometimes we have to completely leave behind our old selves and lives... only saving little bits and pieces. Sometimes we have to dream up the person we want to be  even though we can't see any evidence of that  today...we have to have faith and trust that SHE is there....waiting patiently

(Arlington National Cemetery)
*sometimes we take our freedoms for granted...not even thinking of the cost. Every single day Tim prepares  soldiers who are off to war. Some come back with no arms and/or legs...some don't come back at all. They are all changed by war. Sometimes...we forget about these things. 

(very pregnant with Tara)
*there are moments when and people collide and change who we are... forever.
* there are going to be times when we try our very best, give it our all but... we fail miserably. There are times when we compare ourSELVES to others and  feel as if nothing we do is good enough.  There are times when we question our path: thinking that we ourSELVES are not enough. But... we wake up and try again. 

*and then...there are moments simply takes your breath away.

*every single part is a valuable and beautiful piece of the journey. The pain and shame, the heartache and bitterness, the worries and fears...they are all here to teach us life lessons. How to be stronger, more compassionate, grateful, loving, open to shine. Sometimes we may need that very exact piece of anger or hurt to ignite the alchemical process of transformation.
(Truth-Teller, archival prints available here!!)
*always...truth sits and waits patiently in our very hearts waiting to be heard. Sometimes we ignore Her for years and years but...she is there. All she wants is a chance to be heard. She is telling you to be your best SELF; she is the part of you that shines in your knowing.


Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

I read this earlier in the week but had no time to comment. Your sweet Tara is just so beautiful!! Love the photo of her here & the others you've shared recently.

Thanks for your recent comment at my blog &the email you sent last week. I'll be sending you an email later tonight or tomorrow. So much going on here with the move & taking care of Wyatt!!

ArtPropelled said...

Life can be so hard.... and then there is Tara :-) That photo took my breath away too. I can see you and Tim in that beautiful little face. Thanks for sharing.