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Sunday, May 8, 2011

fantastic Mother's day !

                                            (this afternoon-mommy and Princess Tara)
I had such an amazing Mother's Day weekend! I know it's supposed to be all about mommy but it was still...all about Tara! And I don't mind  a bit! Not one little bit! Since I came to motherhood late in life (age 40!!)...I am ever so grateful to have this tiny person in our lives. I am so filled with the abundance of being a mother's all still an absolute thrill to me!
                                       (delicious lamb kabobs, rice pilaf, greek salad)
Today we went hiking and to the park. Then I opened some amazing gifts + cards + hugs + smooches.
And this evening we went to a cosy Mediterranean restaurant overlooking the beach. We had humus, succulent lamb kabobs, Greek salad and  delicious lemon/chicken soup. And there was  a belly dancer!!! She was gorgeous and...very sparkly! Tara just loved her and was even coaxed into dancing with her!!
                                                               (isn't she gorgeous???)
* thanks to all of you for stopping by my blog to wish me a Happy Mother's day! I just want to say how very much it means to me.
this week...all my posts are going to be motherhood related!
* some of the challenges and dangers that mothers face around the world
* I have an amazing interview with Lis; mother, yogini, creative soul
* an open letter to Tara
* a few tips/tricks I have learned about balancing motherhood +...everything else. Balance...uh what balance??
and more! So please stop back!


kelly said...

I'm so happy you had a nice Mother's Day. :) Looking forward to your posts this week.
(p.s. I wish I knew how to belly dance!)

mansuetude said...

Happy mothers day go both of you. The beauty and love between u two will march into eternity and bless