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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

images from my studio...

(Shiva oil sticks-rich and luscious...half-used)
I came across this delicious poem on Art Propelled recently...and fell in love with it!
Whatever man makes and makes live
lives because of the life put into it.
A yard of Indian muslin is alive with Hindu life.
And a Navajo woman, weaving her rug in the pattern of her dream
must run the pattern out in a little break at the end
so that her soul can come out, back to her.
But in the odd pattern, like snake-marks on the sand
it leaves a trail.
                             - D H Lawrence
The things we surround ourSELVES with, the people we have into our lives...they all leave a trail...on our lives, our work, our souls. These are some images from my is part of an exercise for my BYW class with Holly-so fun! Hope you enjoy!
(part of the inspiration board I made a few weeks back)

(old brass cups that I store pencils/pens and tubes of paint in)

(swaths of jewel-toned Indian fabric + art books)

(a bowl full of letters)

(a box full of pretty)

(Tara peeking out my studio window yesterday morning)


Carola Bartz said...

Soraya, this is beautiful! Thank you for the peek into your studio. I love the fabulous colors of the Indian fabric, very yummy!

ArtPropelled said...

Inspiring images to go with a beautiful poem. Love the brass cups! I'm so glad you are enjoying your BYW class, Soraya. We're off into the wilds next week. Chat to you when we get back.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I always love a quick peek into artist studios. So fun to see what is used & how it's stored. I love the brass cups too. So pretty!

SooZeQue said...

Love all the colors and your inspiration board. How lovely that little Tara will have such inspiration to get her going so young. That will be a gift she will treasure her entire life. PS... thanks for your all your sweet comments - hubby is progressing very well and hopefully we will be hiking again soon.

Kerri said...

what pretty brass cups for your pens and pencils! and all that sweet stuff- the keys, the fabric, etc. so pretty!

shari said...

It was really fun seeing into your studio! Isn't the BYW class fun? I'm loving it, also! :-)