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Monday, February 14, 2011

studio warming, community and heart

(A Heart-full Friendship, archival prints available soon!)
I went to Patty's studio warming this weekend. I had planned on taking all these amazing pics for my blog to show you but...I had such a great time (gabbing and such!) that I completely forgot!! So I will try to describe things as best I can...First of all...her view is simply stunning. Her home is perched up on a hill a gazillion miles above ground and overlooks the whole area. She has lush greenery all around her...bougainvilleas, orange and lemon trees, dark pink peonies (I think) and all in bloom right now! I met the most amazing, fantastic people that were all so kind and warm and just... over the top wonderful. There was an art swap (thanks Jane for the beautiful Rumi art postcard!), delicious goodies and a cute dog named Muffin. I also got to see some of Patty's wonderful photography hanging on her walls gallery-style. Oh! And Patty's studio is a haven.'s official...I am moving in Patty!!
(3 Women...a painting I did in 2006 SOLD)
All of this got me thinking about community. I think for the very first time in my life, I feel a strong sense of community through my blog and the kindreds I am meeting-either through comments and e-mails real life! There is such acceptance and support...something I have never experienced my whole life.  I met these 2 ladies on Saturday who right upon meeting me said "Oh! I know you, I read your blog!!" Can I just say how amazed and thrilled I was!! It is heartwarming  to meet someone for the very first time and...they already know parts and pieces of your life and heart and...soul. Magic! Crazy, beautiful, wonderful...magic!

(at Patty's studio warming-a wonderful gathering of kindred spirits)
*Patty just e-mailed me this group pic of that wonderful evening..thanks Patty! * you can still read my interview with the wonderful Diana here
* Am going to pick the OWOH winner on Wed!
* Happy Valentines to all of you!
* I am going to do a post this week on juicy journal please stop back!


Diane said...

I agree--it's wonderful how everyone is very sharing and supportive in this community--and it sounds like a wonderful weekend you had!
Can't wait to see the journal page!

patty said...

Oh, Soraya, you have no idea how happy it makes me to read this!! You will understand more when you see my post later today entitled "Post -Party Jitters" about my own little insecurities. (I know, I know...) I think having folks meet you for the first time having already read your blog and seen your work gave a bit of a "celebrity" feel to things! Love that!! I was also telling some of the girls at the party who are artists and have not yet started blogs or FB or anything how they are missing out. You are so right - it is truly such a small world and amazing community!!
P.S. We had to celebrate VD yesterday, but I will send you a few pics (I didn't take enough either!)

Kelly said...

How fun! Happy Valentine's Day, my friend! XXOO

Carola Bartz said...

Soraya, you sound like you had a really good time. I read Patty's post about the studio warming and looking at her pictures I had the same impression of all the others. How nice that you could meet up!

scrapwordsmom said...

Sounds amazing, Soraya...I sometimes feel like I live this double life...ya' know what I mean? I am filled with such passion and creativity here on my Blog and in the whole Blog World...but then here in my "real" time life...not so much. That is changing though. My friends are seeing that side of me more. It is good.

eva diva said...

I've been following Soraya's blog since flying lessons and have since fell in love with her strength, wisdom, talent in both her art and words she shared so generously!Diana, I'm so happy you picked that up and interview her so more artistic women are inspired by her!

SKIZO said...

good creations