My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a charming visit...

I had  a charming visit with Patty today. We met last year when we both took an on-line art class with Kelly Rae Roberts. At the time I lived in Va ( a gazillion miles away) and who knew that, less than  a year later,we would end up living less than 15 minutes apart???  It was a wonder-full visit; we talked about...well, everything! The hours flew by...there was lunch and tea and leftover birthday cake...Thanks for coming over Patty!
Oh!! And can you believe it's already Feb???


Kelly said...

Wish I could visit. :(
Tell Tara I said Happy Birthday again, and that spaghetti is my favorite meal too!

patty said...

Soraya, I am still a little in awe of how this all happened as well. If it wasn't for our blogs, we would have no idea that we now live 15 minutes apart and none of this would have happened.
When we finally got together, we had already connected so many times on so many topics that we just picked up the conversation and started chattering away!! Really amazing!!
In the end, I was kind of surprised that neither of us brought out our cameras. Too busy talking I guess!!