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Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is who I am...

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was a teen...I still have it all. Collected in journals and sheets of paper. A dream I lost along the way.
I wrote this particular poem way back when I first started my blog (about 8 months ago). I posted it but it was when I really had no-one reading my blog:(    So I decided to re-post it. I love this poem because not only does it describe me perfectly...but it comes from  a place deep and rich with truth and vulnerability. It really just poured out of me...does that ever happen to you when you write? When it all just seems to come out as if it already existed in some other place? In those rare times...magic. Here is the poem...this is who I am...sometimes...


Who am I?
I am jagged in places, broken even...
Soft as velvet in others
Lush with life and longing.
In some places I am lost, uneven
Torn and...worn.
In others I am shiny
like newly-minted gold
like a crystal clear diamond or a ray of sun in June.
Sometimes I am drab, gray, homely even...
But sometimes I wear the moon in my hair, stars in my eyes and I SHINE with a magic and a knowing
In some places I am shut off,
in a dark place...bitter, angry, sad.
Sometimes I am crippled, hopeless, fearful.
But sometimes...sometimes...
I fly I fly I fly
I soar like a thousand winged birds
A peacock-indigo-with feathers spread out
Full of grace and love and life.
A full bloom.
This is who I am.
(baby pic of me)
Okay...I just came across this baby pic of me...I was about 4 or 5 years old. It was taken in a photo studio...on Church Pietermaritzburg (it says so on the back). I remember this shirt exactly. It was a favorite of mine; deep rich purple with white hand embroidery in a traditional Indian design. All these pieces of memories fitting together like a puzzle of who I am. And check out the bowl haircut!! Do you think Tara looks like me?


ArtPropelled said...

Yes I see it....Tara looks like you!It feels so strange that I would also have gone into that photo studio I'm sure.
The poem is lovely, Soraya. I do remember reading it a while back because there are parts that stand out in my mind .... that made an impression on me then.

SooZeQue said...

That's a beautiful poem. I can relate to all of it ~ as a woman, a mother & and an artist. Very well said.

eva diva said...

The poem conveys a picture of a really fascinating and complex woman, and that's you! I too write poems but I feel shy sharing them because they're so personal! I stopped writing poems asumtime ago, maybe I could write again.

Your baby picture looks cute! But with that haircut I thought it was a boy! I must apologize, and I do think yes, Tara looks alot like you, huge magnetic eyes!

scrapwordsmom said...

Tara DOES look like you...and that painting is fabulous...and that poem is amazing...and yes, I love it when the words just come out.

Love it.


Robin Norgren said...

such a beautiful outpouring you shared with us. So perfectly written and I can see myself in many parts. I love the collective called womanhood where our thoughts and fears and our joys and beauty can be both shared and HONORED. Thank you for sharing this friend.

patty said...

Soraya, absolutely beautiful and heartfelt words. I know exactly what you mean. When we left home 8 years ago to travel around the country and I no longer had daily responsibilities, the words just poured into my head like magic. I wrote a whole book of poetry during that time that I shared with my family. Many of these poems are now included in my Powerpoints. I absolutely love writing poetry - for me it is one of the most satisfying forms of creative expression, but it doesn't happen as often nowadays. Love seeing your beautiful little self and there is definitely a resemblance!
Big hugs to and thank you for your sweet words on my blog!!

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

Gorgeous painting & a beautifully soulful poem! Thanks for starting my day off so wonderfully.

I do see alot of you in Tara!!

Lis said...

My favorite line is: "But sometimes I wear the moon in my hair, stars in my eyes and I SHINE with a magic and a knowing"

you do Shine and I am so grateful to be bathed in your light and inspiration.

LOVE the picture of you!

Sherri Levek said...

Wonderful poem. I feel this way, too. Sometimes shiny, sometimes dusty, but always trying to find the right way..... Thank you for sharing!