My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall is here!

These past few days have been...slow and delicious. I have had some time to write in my journal, catch up on some reading and yesterday we went...pumpkin shopping. Fall is here! I love seeing the leaves turn, wearing sweaters and drinking hot chocolate. I have a fantastic hot chocolate trick BTW...I add a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and I only use whole and delicious. Try it! 
We have a great outdoor space in our backyard so Tara and I sit on the patio under a warm throw and watch the birds and squirrels. After a long and scorching summer...the cool air and rains are such a welcome relief.  I received the book I mentioned earlier,   I'd Rather be in the Studio ,and am just through the first couple of chapters. I realise that I sorely need to work on my artist statement...the one I have is about 5 years old and the direction of my work has changed. And my studio is still a mess!  Actually the whole house is a little messy right now. But I am not thinking about any of that...just resting in the space of the moment. How about you...what does your life look like?


Carola Bartz said...

Don't worry about a messy house, Soraya. The time you spend with your daughter and taking care of yourself is so much more important. I love how you watch the squirrels and birds with Tara. This is something you both will remember, not a tidy kitchen! Enjoy the fall!

ArtPropelled said...

You sound very content Soraya. Autumn has that effect on me too. Tara looks so sweet next to those pumpkins ..... such a rich colour! My life is a bit of a rush at the moment but once I've got over the rush (and a trip to the dentist..ugh), I'm looking forward to moving on to something new .... feelings of anticipation.

patty said...

Hi Soraya, at the moment I am catching up on last minute things and finishing packing before my trip tomorrow to the midwest. I expect to feel fall there, since we are having a very late and hot summer here at the moment! I'm really looking forward to this trip and I just love that you are soaking up all the goodness of autumn with your sweet daughter!!

Anonymous said...

It feels a little weird to think that you are going into autumn while there are blossoms on the trees here. ☺ Down the road we have some American neighbours and they have pumpkins out for Halloween which is not something I have seen here before - they are so cool, especially in the dark with the light inside.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I adore your art wrok!

Kerri said...

okay, well you're ahead of me for even having an artist statement!!

i love fall too- pumpkin shopping sounds so fun- i like gourds too!

Blue Moon Mama said...

I was going to ask if you were getting rain too. We've had a week of rain here and I LOVE IT! I've always adored the rain and it's the only thing I really missed while living in California. It never rained there. So I've been soaking it up. I wish it would get a bit cooler here. Early mornings and very late at night are cooler but the rest of the day is still quite warm. Too warm for sweaters and I am longing to wear sweaters again.

We are planning to go pumpkin shopping soon also! There is a wonderful farm near us that sells pumpkins and we will go this weekend if it's not raining or next weekend if the weather cooperates. Can't wait to take Nora for the first time. Will Tara have a halloween costume & do you plan to go trick or treating?