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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Painting in Progress-Week 4

Well, this is the last week of my painting in progress-it's all done! Where did the time go?

Materials Used:
Acrylic paint (mostly Liquitex, Golden fluid and regular)
Shiva Oilstiks
Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels
Pitt Artist Pen (black)
Collage materials (newspaper, sheet music, patterned paper)
Matte Medium
Canvas (gallery stretched)
                                                      This is where we left off last week.

I don't want the white patterns in the upper left corner to stand out so much so I use Golden Acrylic fluid in Burnt Sienna and Payne's Grey to "push" it back a little. These 2 colors are faves of mine, they come in so handy for just about everything! They give form, dimension and add the most interesting color variations. You can still see the patterns but they are a little more subdued.
 I decide that I don't want the music on her dress (too busy) so I cover with gesso and let dry.

I paint over the music with Golden fluid acrylic (Payne's Grey) and wipe some of it off for variation. I add words and...
 I work on her eyes  a little. I really try to bring the eyes to life (the most important feature on the face). I don't want to overwork the painting-sometimes it's difficult to stop but I try to even if there are a few more things  I want to do. That way it has a little bit of the "undone" to it. Once a painting is overworked, it's hard to bring it back.
                                                                 Now it's all...DONE!

                                                               Trusting in HerSELF

Some tips I have learned along the way:
1. I work on a lot of paintings at one time-this way, when I have to let something dry, or I get frustrated with something, I can move to another piece.
2. I try to fix all technical problems with the figure in the drawing stage of the painting. It's much easier than trying to fix it later once I start painting!
3. While I have an idea of how I want the completed painting to look, I am still open to the painting taking on  a life of it's own.
4. I use bold rich colors right from the start. This gives the painting immediate depth, texture and interest.
5. When painting the face, I try to think as if I am applying make-up. This helps with telling me where different colors and tones should go. I know my own face and where I would apply different colors/tones so I transfer that knowledge to painting the face.  Of course if you are painting photo realism then lighting affects a lot.
6.. I use my journal/sketchbook a lot for writing down my ideas. I find that writing collects my thoughts about a painting or  a whole collection. Painting is  a holistic act-everything that is in my head, heart and soul..I really try to bring  all of who I am to my paintings. Thanks for looking!
* N.B. I will add the whole process to a page in my sidebar (when I get  a chance!)


eva diva said...

Hi Soraya,

Thanks for sharing your whole creative process, I so agree with you that painting is a holistic process that engages all mind, body and soul!If I don't feel well that day, my art shows.

I am learning that sometimes less is more in an artwork, I tried to put in too many amazing things in my art and it looks so busy and congested.

Usually, I paint the eyes that last, to focus on its spirit and soul, I enjoyed reading this article because it's wonderful to notice all these similarities I have in the creative process with other artists!

Thanks so much for sharing,


ArtPropelled said...

I enjoyed reading about your process Soraya.This is one of my favourites. She has an inner glow and serenity.

Lis said...

I too enjoy and learn so much from seeing/reading about another's process. My tendency is to stop too soon - not push things for fear of messing up. It was helpful to see the changes you made. Such a radiant piece!

And now you are working on a website?! Wow, you are in full flight now! I still have Facebook on my To-Do list!

xo Lis

Emakesart said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and I love your work. This painting is beautiful, thank you for sharing your process. I need to come back to see and read more when I have more time!

Kerri said...

how great- i love seeing how you tried some things and changed them if you didn't like it. who knows what's under all these layers! :)

scrapwordsmom said...

This has truly been helpful and inspiring to me, Soraya!!! Love this. It is a masterpiece:)

Blue Moon Mama said...

Beautiful painting & wonderful post! Loved seeing your process!!

We're returning home & should be in Virginia by Sunday if all goes well. The return trip is always more exhausting so I can't wait to be in my own bed again. I also want to get back to see my little. Veggie garden & house plants. Hope they survived.

Our visit to Southern California was wonderful! It really lifted my spirits & inspired me. Any news on when you'll be joining your husband out there? What town/area are you planning to settle in?

Kelly said...

Thanks for showing the whole process for this painting. It is stunning. I especially like your advice about trying to fix technical problems in the drawing phase and having several paintings going at one time.

beth said...

This is gorgeous, and so interesting to see your process

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hello Soraya, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm so pleased you did because I have now found yours! Your artwork is beautiful, and alongside that I identify very much with your thoughts and writings about your creative and life journey, all of which you express so eloquently.