My He(ART)-Full Life

Monday, April 26, 2010


With everything going on over here these days, my life has become all about priorities. Learning to simplify, edit, leave out the unnecessary. Getting rid of clutter and junk (mental, emotional and material) and yes, always  a deep breath! The focus is on spending quality time with my baby girl and husband while also making time for me (art, photography, exercise, blogging, a quiet moment of reflection, meditation). Also important are maintaining connections and friendships, getting the house ready for sale and appreciating where I am in my journey....Starting a gratitude journal (actually part of my sketchbook!) and trying to maintain my center regardless of the whirlwind.
In other news, I have two very exciting events. The first is that my darling, amazing husband is taking us on a cruise (part of my Mothers Day gift!!). I am SO excited!  I have never been on  a cruise before plus we both really need a vacation as it has been a crazy busy time over here. The cruise in 7 days long and we are stopping in Honduras, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Belize....Too fantastic...I can't wait!!  Did I mention that I have an amazing husband?!!
Another piece of fantastic news is that I just signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts' e-course Flying Lessons. I am SO excited, I know I will learn loads;  I absolutely love her work and her shining spirit that comes through in all she does. The course starts at the end of May and is 5 weeks long. So much great stuff ahead...
So while this is an exciting whirlwind time full of change, growth and possibility...I am developing my intention of ...being in my center. I feel calm,'s all about priorities. This is my BSM (to see or participate in Tracey Clark's BSM-visit her blog at Mother May I The Blog )


Lis said...

Such exciting news! A cruise?! Be sure to post lots of pictures for those of us longing for a little r & r :)

and i was so excited ... and tempted ... by the info on Kelly Rae's new ecourse. Oh my, I have just told myself no more courses for awhile but that sounds wonderful. will have to think long and hard about that one! sounds perfect for you.

I love your meditative pictures ... the candle is so soothing and so inviting. I hope you have found a pocket of peacefulness within all your busyness!

namasté - Lis

Juliette Crane said...

soraya, i'm signed up for kelly rae's class too! i had a feeling we'd be keeping in touch. i just love this post. i'm having to do much the same thing these days with prioritizing. i am so happy the title of my painting "trust in what lies ahead" speaks to you. i had to make that piece as a message to myself as well :) have a fabulous time on the cruise! i'm looking forward to being in class together!

best wishes, juliette

Anonymous said...

You lucky thing! A cruise sounds wonderful. I can imagine all the photo opportunities now :).

I've been thinking of taking an ecourse sometime soon. I will have a look over at Kelly Rae's blog.

Gorgeous photo! I hope all the moving stuff is going well. I read about all you are up to and feel guilty. I barely find time to get showered in the morning and you are moving, taking ecourses, doing art, and taking care of your baby girl. How do you manage it all?