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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letting Go (Spring Cleaning)

I had done this scrap layout about a month ago in response to a challenge and then either promptly forgot about it or mislaid it (still don't know which one!!). But now that I am in the midst of a huge spring cleaning and letting go of so much material junk (toys, books, clothing...things I don't need or use), I figure it's also a great time to clear out all the emotional/mental junk as well. Letting go (or the giving up) of unhealthy thoughts and processing toxic emotions to make a space for the new, the healthy, the sacred and creative. Now if only cleaning out these goblins were as easy as cleaning out the closets!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Spring cleaning Soraya, why does it take a while to start it when we know how rewarding it is?
Love your blog, your visits on mine, added you on my 'Creative types' list to visit you more.