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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Week of Worthiness...a LIFETIME Really...

Dr. Brene Brown has a Week of Worthiness challenge on her website . What makes us "worthy"? The challenge is for us to examine our "worthiness" . An interesting, if difficult, question to answer. Advertising is built on the principle of telling us we are not enough (read worthy) unless we have...insert whatever item being marketed. I take a lot of my cues from nature. Trees are beautiful because they just are-they don't have to have sun streaming through them or be lush with leaves and flowers...they are worthy just because they exist. The same holds true for every single part of nature -from the smallest cell to a rose to a dog infinitum. Is a rose ever too red or not red enough or too big or small or...And are we not a part of nature? We as a society have become so far removed from this concept-we seem to think that we are different than or not a part of nature. This separation and illusion causes much pain and feelings of unworthiness. I am reading an amazing book right now called The Soul Unearthed -a collection of stories and poems about our relationship with nature.
We are all worthy because we..."ARE"...we exist and in this perfect Universe, there are no mistakes. Of course society, family of origin, relationships etc all can undermine these principles but our True Self KNOWS. The journey then is finding our way back to our SELVES. Our TRUE selves and not our socially constructed selves. It is a difficult journey to be sure but one that has untold rewards once we embark on it...Being vulnerable, sharing our feelings and thoughts...these are all an invaluable part of this journey towards authenticity and wholeheartedness.
Another one of my "teachers" is my little girl. She is worthy because she ...IS. She exists and everything from her perfect little toes to the sparkle in her unequivocally WORTHY. Now who can  argue with that?  We can all agree  that babies are PERFECT-with their bald heads and toothless grins and big bellies. So what is it about growing up that makes us "imperfect" and "unworthy"? Isn't it simply a matter of us losing our innate wisdom and KNOWING?


Tammy Freiborg said...

Trees, flowers, babies - some of my favorite things! Thank you for sharing yourself and your story!

Rani said...

beautiful, wonderful post!!!!!! It's so inspiring and uplifting to read! Thank you for making my day!