My He(ART)-Full Life

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Muddled Time...

There is just so much going on right now...I find myself asking why am I blogging? I have a 14 month old baby, hubby recovering from shoulder surgery, I am painting a series of artworks, taking an e-course...Initially I started blogging for 2 reasons. First, to get my work out there and connect with other artists/creative people. A second, more personal reason, was to step outside of my comfort zone; to be truthful, vulnerable, daring...All of those things. Of course I sometimes wonder "what do I have to say" and ..."who would want to read it anyway?" But I realize-from reading so many amazing blogs-that all of us have our unique gifts and talents. Each of our voices are important and worthy of being heard, read, seen, felt. All of our stories/lives are important and if we are courageous enough to share it, doors will open up both within and outside ourselves. And it does take courage, along with creativity, commitment and daring to put yourself out there in this way.
What I am also discovering is that my blog is a place where I can go to "recharge"-it is a place just for me. A tiny place in the blogosphere where I can call my very own. Here I can combine my love for art, writing, photography....CREATIVITY...all in one place. And share it too! 
This photo is for  BSM and it seems to encompass all of these feelings I am having right now. A sadness, a light, a prayer, a beauty...a muddled time.


Lis said...

i just found you via BSM ... and I am so grateful you are here and you are blogging! What a beautiful image and I love your robin piece in the previous entry. It is so exciting to witness women the world over blossoming into their creative selves and sharing their voices ... as a mother to a daughter, this makes my heart sing as I hope she will not suffer from the self doubt and uncertainty I knew as a young woman ... there is so much encouragement out there for all of us!

now, off to peruse more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

"Each of our voices are important and worthy of being heard, read, seen, felt."

Yes, oh yes! And us mamas need those spaces we can call all our own too. My girl is almost 2.