My He(ART)-Full Life

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

cup of tea=bliss

At the end of  a SO long day...full of To Do lists, spaghetti-on-the-floor, 2 doctor appointments that ate up the whole day, teething, phone calls to return...A cup of steaming hot tea and a wild blueberry scone. Some days, that's all I need...simplicity...BLISS


chrissy said...

could you send a few of those fresh blueberry scones over my way...
those sound DEEEEElightful.
aren.t you just beautiful!
you have a he{ART} full blog indeed.
happy day to be friends.

Lis said...

beautiful photo and yes, THOSE days all we moms crave is just a simple moment to sit and be. and eat a delicious scone & some tea :)

Dindie said...

I totally agree, a cup of tea is like a remedy for both body and soul.