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Friday, February 12, 2010

Who am I?

Everything well really well with hubby's shoulder surgery-now just lots of rest and recuperation. The portrait class with Misty Mawn is really amazing! I am learning so much already and I just started! A prompt she asked was "who am I" and I wrote this in the hospital a couple of days ago-it just came out of me as if it was sitting there all along. It's called "SOMETIMES".


Who am I?
I am jagged in places, broken even...
Soft as velvet in others
Lush with life and longing.
In some places I am lost, uneven
Torn and...worn.
In others I am shiny
like newly-minted gold
like  a crystal clear diamond or a ray of sun in June.
Sometimes I am drab, gray, homely even...
But sometimes I wear the moon in my hair, stars in my eyes and I SHINE with a magic and a knowing
In some places I am shut off,
in a dark place...bitter, angry, sad.
Sometimes I am crippled, hopeless, fearful.
But sometimes...sometimes...
I fly I fly I fly
I soar like a thousand winged birds
A peacock-indigo-with feathers spread out
Full of grace and love and life.
A full bloom.
This is who I am.

I am very happy with where this class is taking a place deep and rich with vulnerability, change, growth and learning-stepping outside myself and pushing my boundaries. Thanks Misty!!

Also today-a piece of LOVELINESS in the mail (actually 2 pieces!). I had ordered 2 pieces of art from amazing artist Kelly Rae Roberts and they arrived today. So beautiful. They are a canvas reproduction (whole-hearted) and a print (creative soul). They are so rich and lush and ...stunning!

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barefoot muse said...

Your art is beautiful, and your poetry is also a work of art. They fill my senses.