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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mask Collection

I have some amazingly beautiful masks that I have been collecting since I was a teenager (a long time ago!!)-mostly African but I also have a few from Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico and India. These are the authentic ones (not the replicas made in China!!) They are so inspiring to me-with their rich dark woods, brass inlay, rich history, meanings and symbols. I wanted to post a few pics here. They give me so much joy ...I think of these unknown artists who put so much of themselves into their work and I feel truly blessed to be able to enjoy their beauty.

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Mrs. Spotts said...

Wow! I love love love these masks! What a pleasant surprise! I came over here to say thanks for making it to my blog, and now will certainly be visiting more often! I am doing the portraits class with Misty, just fallen WAY behind!

Thanks for posing a comment, so glad I followed you here!