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Sunday, February 27, 2011

this weekend...

(piecing together my curtains-aren't the fabrics  just gorgeous??)
Things have been super hectic over here and I can't help wondering where the time is going...I mean, it's already March!!! Much of this weekend has been spent with me obsessing over my patchwork curtains. I used to make cushions when I was a teen and I can put together a regular curtain but...patchwork requires a little something ...extra! I have all sorts of over the top stunning Indian fabrics so I pulled a little from my stash... I started pinning pieces together. There is no rhyme or reason to the colors...I don't know when I will have it done because I can only work on it when Tara is asleep. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting with the afternoon sun pouring through the windows, working on my curtains...a hot cup of tea nearby, Tim and Tara -poo taking a nap is good, you know:)
I have also been preparing for my class with Holly...Blogging Your Way. I am just bursting with excitement to meet all my wonderful classmates, be exposed to new ideas and blogs and...wish I would have felt this way about school back in the day!
Oh! My very low carb, absolutely no bread under any circumstances diet is still going on. Why is it that as soon as you eliminate something from your diet you start craving it soooo much????  I did cave in and have a half a slice of homemade thin crust pizza over at my neighbour Mary's the other night. That doesn't really count though..she had invited us over for dinner and I was just being polite:) Right????
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend whatever you did...


mansuetude said...

I fasted long last Oct and i swear my metabolism crashed since. So yes the bread was very important for long term health. Plus breaking bread with neighbors never hurts our health.


Gosia said...

Hi Soraya, so lovely to visit with you here. So many he(art)-ful details to absorb from your stunning creations, I'm so happy I'll meet you in the BYW class tomorrow.
P.S. Wow, no bread diet - considering I spent the entire weekend baking it, you'll think I wasted lots of time. Hugs. Gosia

kelly said...

So glad you had a nice weekend! I'm a carb-aholic. I need to try that diet. You'll have to let me know how it works. :)

patty said...

Soraya, first of all, take a deep breath... it's still February! If you thought it was already March, just think, you have a whole extra day!! We are back from our little trip but actually thinking of going again since we came back early. I will let you know. I can't wait to see your curtains - I'm sure they will be gorgeous and I want to hear all about the class!! Hugs to you.

eva diva said...

I wish you great motivation in following your low carb diet, losing weight has always been on top of my bucket list even though on the other hand I tell myself I'm beautiful d way I am which is very confusing.=)

I know how tough it can be, with all d scrumptious food around and I'm such a foodie! I'm trying to cut down sweets and swim more and eat less bread and rice too. I wish you success dear Soraya!I felt you're trying out so many new things and living in full momentum which is celebratory!

Anonymous said...

found you through BYW, your paintings are beautiful!

Carol Spinski said...

Hi Soraya:))

Well just LOOK how TALENTED you are!!!! A true artist~Oh My Goodness simply beautiful work
So nice to meet such a creative soul:))

I'm having a ball over at the BYW e-course and learning so much even though i have been blogging for years:)
Also, I'm a Guest Curator over at this site thought you might like to see my feature and check out the link~

Blessings, Carol

Lis said...

You are just exploding with sunshiny goodness over here! I am loving all your projects (sheesh! when did those amazing pages of Tara happen? I am in Em Falconbridge's Got Paint course just to get some inspiration for a book I started for Cowgirl ... I should have just come here!)

It seems like you and your family are in full bloom now that you are in your new home. I can't wait to see the curtains - I am drooling over here -

Ah, the "I do myself" days ... I remember them well! Tara definitely looks like my kind of gal ... spunky, feisty and sweet as ripe strawberries (aren't they all when they need to be?)

Big hugs to you ... it is like you are soaring high above ... so inspiring and exciting to behold :) I am grabbing my goddess planner and adding to my list of 100 things I want to do: Meet Soraya in the flesh! I want to bask in your radiance ...

xo Lis